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and will not be able to assist with any queries relating to divorces, maintenance or custody matters.


Children.  The law says, in short, what is in the best interests of the child.  That in itself can be complex - and incredibly emotional for the very best of parents.  In other cases the children have become used as "bargaining chips".  We have tried to set out a simple explanation of a few of the legal concepts remembering, more than in almost any other field of law, because the Courts need to do what is best for each child, they need to explore the particular and obviously individual circumstances of each and every family and child.

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  Guardianship, custody, access - all sound complex, read more about what they mean....
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  The Act is not yet law - but is available on the site under Documents
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  Maintenance obligations for children don't necessarily end at 18.....
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  The Family Advocate plays an important role in all divorces involving children

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