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Attorneys & Fees

Nothing worries members of the public more than attorneys fees.  In fact they worry so much that many sign agreements, without legal advice, that end up costing them hundreds of thousands more than the fees thet save!  There are things you can do yourself, there are ways to reduce your costs, but don't get so carried away with cost cutting that you seriously jeopardize your rights and case by representing yourself - as the old adage goes it is only the fool that has himself for his own attorney!

There is plenty of reading material below for you to consider on the question of fees and fee agreements and what you can do if you have been overcharged - and the risks you run if you think you have been overcharged and you turn out to be wrong.

Read more Why Fees Are High
  Why legal fees are high - and understanding what lies behind the account you receive
Read more Fee Agreements
  Professional attorneys use fee agreements for their protection - and yours!
Read more It's More Costly To Try And Cut Legal Costs!
  Trying to save a few thousand often costs tens of thousands more in divorces. You need professional help!
Read more Tips on keeping your legal costs down
  Some tips on keeping your costs down when you need to
Read more Resolving Fee Disputes
  Fees can be challenged, but if you are wrong, and many clients have no basis for their complaints, it can be costly and you could pay more....
Read more R999 divorce - is it possible?
  A R999 divorce is going to cost you plenty more than that - what you don't pay in legal fees you will pay in a poor agreement with financial implications for years....
Read more The Law Society and fees
  The Law Society can help with fee disputes - but only if the attorney agrees to this process, as he or she can insist on a bill being taxed by the Court

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