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and will not be able to assist with any queries relating to divorces, maintenance or custody matters.

R999 divorce - is it possible?

People who phone attorneys offices, day after day, to revisit their divorce order are all desperately unhappy to hear that it is final.  They tell us they rushed into signing, they used the same attorney as their partner and they did all they could to save costs.  Always, they want to know, now that they have more information, can they change the order?  Now, apart from children's maintenance, the answer is no.

Do your diuvorce properly the first time.  There is no second divorce order for the same matter and we cannot rescue you in most cases, from the damage you have already done.  Nobody can do a proper divorce, and take into consideration all your factors for R999.  Its a field of law, its a specialized one and you need a lawyer to help you.  Do not waste money by paying for poor service.  See a trained person who can help - and if they cost more to do a proper job, rather appreciate that the real savings come in what you get (or don't get) inyour divorce agreement and not in the fees!


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